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GOP funds Nader; Bush finds Osama; non-printing election systems get rigged; and/or the election is illegally delayed – it’s U.S. election time again!

Mark Morford strikes again with his brilliant take on the circus show that is about to be played out in the U.S.: QUOTE There is a sense of lawlessness, of desperation, among the Republican party right now. It is no longer a question of simply which party will run the show or which platform will […] Read More⇒

Don’t answer any calls from 223-34-23498 or you will die instantly…at least that’s what the Nigerian mobile phone users believe

Those crazy Nigerians are really making the news today. In this BBC report, Nigerians are apparently scared to answer their mobile phones for fear of dying immediately. A half-formed thought about giving Star Trek Communicators to extremely superstitious people from another planet comes to mind. Can you say global culture clash? Read More⇒

The rise and fall and rise of the U.S. space program. Would you like the $1million valve? No, we’ll take that $5,000 one over there in the corner.

I love this article on Bob Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace, who along with others is competing in the X Prize competition for $10 million to build a private space ship. The space station will cost approximately $200 MILLION when it’s completed, versus the current International Space Station which has cost $50 BILLION – 250x more. […] Read More⇒