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Great quote of the day

“The vast majority of people are computer-generated. Some are very complicated and consume a whole Pentium by themselves. Some are so simple, you can run a few hundred on a computer.”  – Bob Lucas, division Director, California’s Information Sciences Institute, talking about the game he helped port to Linux called “Urban Resolve” that is being […] Read More⇒

Free city-wide Wireless computing. First Philadelphia, then San Francisco. Now, how about Vancouver?

Fred Wilson over at the A VC blog originally noted sometime back in September that Philadelphia had launched an initiative to provide wireless internet access across their entire city. Now he has written about San Francisco undertaking a similar venture. I think that this is something that Vancouver, Canada should absolutely launch. Having wireless internet […] Read More⇒

2004 is 1984: American government continues their drive for total, real-time, life-long tracking of all movement of its “citizens”.

Declan McCullagh, chief political correspondent for CNET News, covers the next degree of heat in the boiling frog pot otherwise known as the American government’s plan to track every American citizen’s communications, travel, finances, relationships, and lives from cradle to grave. This time, One section of the new proposed legislation: “…anticipates storing the ‘lifetime travel […] Read More⇒

Iraq Exit Strategy notes (via John Perry Barlow)

I have followed John Perry Barlow’s writings for many years, starting with the formation of the EFF. He has a great blog posting called Exit Strategies about a discussion he recently had with a highly experienced mercenary with significant experience in many global conflicts. It’s worth a read. In short, the fellow in question said […] Read More⇒