Tech Crunch says FU to all future embargoes in a very weird and low-integrity way

I wondered when this was going to happen. As distribution of early news gets more wide spread (from the two big papers in town to all uhhh hundred million bloggers), I could see the holes appearing in the dyke. Tech Crunch has posted their new policy which is that they’ll agree to any embargoe you ask for and then turn around and do the opposite. At least they’re telling the truth, albeit low integrity. Hey TC, why not just have a “no embargo” policy? That way, you’re not telling the world “we’re going to lie to your face and then screw you”.

Not saying you’re wrong. I just think you could tweak the new FU policy to be higher integrity.

P.S. I’m sending over a press release next week. Can you hold it until January? Thanks.

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  1. Avatar

    I don’t find the approach to be of low integrity at all. They’ve completely adhered to the rules (to their detriment) as the world crumbled around them. They’re openly stating their new policy, blacklist and all, in very public form. If you’re a trustworthy party, which sounds rare, you have nothing to worry about.

  2. Avatar

    Granted I am not in the tech blogging biz, but I see no issue with it. If they want to lead a retaliatory war against the PR firms, let them! It isn’t like they are keeping their policy a secret?

    If PR firms worked a little more professionally they would most likely get treated with more respect and bloggers would again respect the embargo. Simple enough…

  3. Troy

    My issue is not that they are ignoring embargoes. I get that and support it. But why say “Yes, we’ll support your embargo and then immediately break it.” Swap out embargo with anything else….

    “If you ask me to do X, I will immediately say yes to get the Y, then I will immediately go back on my word and do the opposite.” That’s sociopathic.

    It’s not like people are not going to send them information. Just say “we’ll ignore your embargo. Give us your information and we (might) talk about it anytime we want.” Okay, makes sense. Just seems bizarre to me.

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