The rest of the world voted on the US election - Kerry received 77.1%, Bush received 9.0%

Check out Global Vote 2004, a (purportedly) non-partisan, (purportedly) non-spamming simple voting site designed to allow the rest of the world to vote on the US election, since we’re all going to be affected by it anyway. They are planning on releasing the vote count to the media 48 hours before the election.

UPDATE Nov. 1, 2004: The results have been tabulated and released. Over 700,000 voters around the world voted and the results were:

Kerry 77.1%
Bush 9.0%
Nader 6.7%
Cobb 3.8%

No surprises here I suppose. We all sort of know that the rest of the world would be happy to be rid of Bush.

Here in Canada our 8,587 voters came out as follows:

Kerry 74.2%
Bush 9.1%
Other 16.7%