The Smart Car comes to Canada - 85mpg on the highway, 6-speed automatic, traction control, rear-engine, rear-drive. WOW. I *love* this thing

I saw one of these Smart cars down at the Concord Festival on the weekend and had the chance to sit in it. It was incredibly roomy up front for the two passengers. I totally fell in love with this car. There is not much room in the back. Less in fact than I had behind the back seat in my old Jeep TJ. But the car is just so damned cute. I wonder if you can mount bike racks on it at the back???

It has an inline 3 cylinder rear-engine turbo diesel that gets 85mpg (hwy) / 65mpg (city),  uses a clutchless automatic 6-speed, and comes in several different models ranging from $16,500 to $22,000 in Canada. They are being sold through the Mercedes network across Canada.

I hope they sell millions of these things to Vancouverites. Wouldn’t it be great if we were all driving these tiny little things around town?

Then, wouldn’t it be even better if we were filling them with bio-diesel for zero-toxicity, clear, clean emissions?

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