The Web of Life: the interconnected nature of voodoo death and the SCO Unix debacle

It has been said that in some societies in the world, if the village shaman curses an individual to death, that individual will be cast out from the rest of the village and the other villagers will pretend that the person does not exist. They will not feed, talk to, nor acknowledge the presence of this person and within 2-3 weeks, the person will die. I do not recall where I heard this but the researcher who was studying it somehow found that the cursee’s metabolism went totally crazy and that the heartbeats on the individuals went to the maximum, and that they died because of physiological melt-down. Of course, if the researcher had actually touched or acknowledged the presence of the individual in question in order to take the readings, then you would think that this would affect the outcome so I am not sure how valid this is.

Regardless, this came to mind when I read this article on SCO’s quarterly filings. In case you have been living under a rock, SCO claims rights to the Linux code and its business model is to sue, harass, and whine that all Linux users on the planet should buck up and pay them. It seems that with the global community turning its back on SCO, and its Microsoft-associated Venture Capital firm demanding repayment of its funds, that it managed to make only $10M in licensing fees….after spending $4.5M that quarter on the program.

So, this is a reminder to everyone. Don’t look them in the eyes, don’t acknowledge their presence, don’t pay them any license fees, and don’t give them any food. And soon, if we’re lucky, the heart beat will speed up and the parasitic-zombie-of-no-value will soon be gone.