This is my first blog post published with MacSpeech Dictate

I work on the computer a lot. Probably far too much. One of the things I have been noticing is that because I spend so much time on the computer my back gets very tense from typing too much. So I’ve decided to go back and try out some dictation software again. It seems like every year or so, I go look at the marketplace to see what’s out there. Inevitably I train some new software up and tested for week and then he goes back in the box. It seems like no matter how good it gets, it’s just not good enough for day-to-day use. Recently, a friend of mine told me that Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10 had come out. As usual, it was only for Windows and I work on the Mac. Luckily, a small company called MacSpeech has licensed the voice recognition engine that powers Dragon NaturallySpeaking, and has released a product called MacSpeech Dictate. I have to say that this is the least painful voice-recognition experience I have ever had. In under an hour, I was able to install software, do the voice training, learn how to control my computer, and create this blog post. WOW.