This was the piece my brain had not quite put together. Web 2.0 apps are like the PCs that crept into IT years ago, displacing the mini-computers!

Peter Rip over at Leapfrog Ventures has a great article where he compares Web 2.0 apps with PCs back in the mini-computer era:

Here’s the quote but I suggest reading the full post:

Today the Enterprise seems to be The Land That Time Forgot. The IT lock-down of the Enterprise (because of TCO, security, compliance, and the complexity of legacy computing) and the innovation of Web Applications (a.k.a. Web 2.0) have set the stage for a reprise of Users vs. IT just as in the PC revolution. Web Apps are sneaking in through Port 80 just as PCs snuck in the front door twenty years ago, a phenomenon that ultimately wrestled Model, View, and Control from IBM.

The whole post is well worth a read.

Thanks to Dion for pointing this out.