US Venture funding at two year high; early-stage deals getting funded again (UPDATED)

The 2004 Q2 Price Waterhouse Coopers / Venture Economics / Venture Capital Association Moneytree Survey numbers are out. I posted on this in July but hadn’t put in the graphs and haven’t had time until now.

I always find quarter-to-quarter comparisons too granular and lacking in context so I have taken the liberty of extracting the historical numbers and creating these two charts. The first one shows the historicial quarter by quarter investments. You can easily see the bubble as well as the slow incline of the past couple of years of recovery.

And here is the last eight quarters in a zoomed view so that it is easier to see the trendline.

In short, $5.6B USD were placed in the following manner:

$1.17B (21%) Early Stage
$2.8B (50%) Expansion Stage
$1.6B (29%) Late Stage

or viewed by sector (largest to smallest):

$1.4B (25%) Life Sciences (all)

$923M (16%) LifeSci – Biotech (decreasing)
$485M (9%) LifeSci – Medical Devices (increasing)

$1.2B (21%) Software (holding)
$459 (8%) Networking (holding)
$2.53B (45%) Other sectors combined