VEF Event October 25/05 on Web 2.0 was a great success

The Vancouver Enterprise Forum event on Web 2.0 was an evening of firsts, at least if I judged it by the number of people signing up on the spot for the event who were not regular VEF attendees, the number of people who stayed after the presentation to talk to the presenters at the front of the theater, and the fact that for the first time in my memory, 25 or so people then carried on to Subeez for beer and more conversation.

Dick Hardt spoke on Identity 2.0, Roland Tanglao told the story of the rise of blogs in 4 short Acts, Andre Charland blew the minds of the grey-hairs with his description of Ajax and why it matters,  Paul Kedrosky from Ventures West explained why it’s okay that the hype is causing lots of little companies to be born and to implode soon thereafter, Michael Ferguson discussed the meaning and promise of Web 2.0 change, and Geoff Hansen discussed why any of this matters at all to people who are trying to make money and build real businesses.

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