Web 2.0 Summit 2006 - Day 3 / Yahoo! Technology Preview with Brad Garlinghouse and Ethan Diamond

Here are the day 3 notes for the Web 2.0 Conference in San Francisco:

[My notes and analysis are in these square brackets.]

Yahoo! Technology Preview

  • Brad Garlinghouse
    • Web 2.0 is about people and emotions
    • Technical specs have never been less relevant
    • Email was sent in fall 35 years ago
      • [I use a rule of thumb that I think I got from Nicholas Carr, author of the infamous IT Doesn’t Matter article, that the first forty years of any technology are the least interesting and that it is the second forty years where all of the interesting stuff happens. So I think that the fact that the internet was born around 1969, making it 37 years old and email in or around 1970/71 (according to the above comment), that we are about to see these technologies finally begin to turn into something larger, more important, and even more valuable than in the first forty years. Can’t wait!]
    • Geeky applications are not relevant; people connections matter the most
    • Yahoo mail has 250M active monthly users
  • Ethan Diamond:
    • demoed the new Yahoo Mail, showing a nice integration between email and IM/chat back and forth. When emailing somebody, you can convert it into IM right away.
      • [It’s nice to see the fluidity being designed into the tools to allow users to switch effortlessly from one mode to another (IM to email or vice versa.) But I wish these companies would get out of their silos and connect their IM networks to each other.]
      • [See my Technology Buyer’s Manifesto from Oct 2004 where I asked companies to start doing this.]