What if everybody on Earth could vote in the U.S. elections?

I love this article from the Age news in Australia that discusses the unilateral nature of the Bush administration and the global impact that his Presidency has had over these past four years. The author raises a great question — if the world is going to have to pay the consequences of an all powerful single superpower, shouldn’t the world be able to vote on who is there?

Now I don’t agree with the question. The world does not pay taxes to the U.S., athough they pay by the pound in other ways. And of course taxation is the root of governance. But it made me think about the fact that here I am in Canada and what do I blog about? American politics. What’s to blog about here? Our sphere of influence is negligible on the world stage. We are nearly as impotent as all other countries and we constantly aquiesce to American policies and demands. This love-hate relationship is well documented. When we don’t acquiesce and choose to go our own path with respect to drug policies for one example, we are threatened by the Americans with vague policies that will threaten our exports.

In the meantime, if you are Canadian, make sure that you ensure that all of your American friends vote!