What is an adventure capitalist?

I made up the term for myself because I like adventures, following angel and venture finance trends, building businesses, social entrepreneurship, and environmentally sustainable capitalism.

But currently there is no word for capitalists who are socially and environmentally aware and who want to use capitalism as a force for good in the world. Pan-capitalism? Omni-capitalism? New-capitalism?

Then I realized about a year later that Jim Rodgers had written a book with the same title. I loved Jim’s book and think he is a great example of an Adventure Capitalist. I aspire to have the kinds of adventure AND capital that Jim has!

As a side note, the origin of the term “venture capital” was “adventure capital” or the capital that was put up in order for explorers to go on adventures with the expectation that they would return with a vessel filled with riches from lands far away.

For all of these reasons, I chose to call this blog Adventure Capitalist.