Where does all this end? U.S. Citizens requiring "travel papers", secret laws, flawed no-fly lists, the FBI interviewing people to pre-empt their prot

Dear American Friend:

We’re sorry you’re down there. Feel free to come up and marry a Canadian anytime, we’d love to have you.

You can no longer travel without papers in your own country (as designated by the secret laws that you are not allowed to read about.) The FBI are showing up on your doorstep to ask you if you were planning on being violent when you go to the Republican National Convention next week. Your own Senator Edward Kennedy, as connected as he is, still managed to get ensnared in the Department of Homeland Paranoia’s no-fly list for weeks. Aside from Senator Kennedy, hundreds or thousands of regular people have been harassed by the watch lists but since they don’t have access to Tom Ridge, they have changed their names or added initials to get around this “security system.” And political dissenters sure seem to have a lot of similar names to terrorists because they keep getting delayed and searched when they travel.

You must feel a lot like these people who supported George W Bush the first time around and who are now switching to Kerry.

You have an opportunity to reverse this butt-clenching, anti-everything, environment-destroying, world-alienating slide into the abyss. We sincerely hope that your election machines work and that enough of you see the light that you don’t run into yet another Floridian 50/50 disaster. For your sake and ours. Being in Canada is like sleeping with an elephant – when the elephant rolls around the bed, we notice!