Will somebody please build MediaMixer (TM)?

We all struggled along with WordPerfect’s perfectly horrible code-based word-processing in the ^iearly^i days. Remember those evil codes? Then thankfully we got WYSIWYG editing and the world was good.

In the early days of music on the computer, we had horrible interfaces that were very disconnected from the process. Now of course, we have GarageBand from Apple.

As I write my blog posts every day, I struggle with trying to assemble “micro-content” as Jon Husband refers to it over at Wirearchy into a cohesive article. I need to be able to quickly “mix, rip, burn” from websites, my original blog posts, other people’s blog posts, notes on my desk, files on my hard drive, and pictures elsewhere. And it…is…pain…ful. (Makes me think of Jon Stewart….”Stop….You’re….hurting….America…..)

I look forward to the Microsoft Word of media remixing finally appearing and quite frankly I don’t even care if Microsoft develops it. More power to them if they can build it. We need it to have universal file-format outputs (rather than proprietary), to be fast, stable, fluid, and to not be burdened with crap-functions that nobody uses. Okay, Microsoft is probably systemically unable to produce it according to those design constraints but you never know. Maybe the Firefox team???

By the way, Jon and his team at Qumana have built a blog-editor-remixer tool called, well, Qumana, and it is pretty darned good, albeit Windows-only. But I’m looking for the killer-editor, the one that uses your whole wide-screen and that is the 64-track remixer tool or Photoshop of the blog-editing world. I suspect that it will take a few more generations of the software (what is that – 12 months?) before we’ll see a few major ones emerge.